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99.99% Pure Flexible Seamless Copper Pipes

The seamless copper pipe:

The seamless copper pipe have the advantages of good conductive, heat conduction, corrosion resistance and processing properties. Often used in the conductive, heat conduction, corrosion of equipment and thecompared, with lower conductivity, thermal conductivity of impurities, oxygen content higher, only general copper, such as electrical switch, cushions, nail, pipe and other pipe Welding, cold bending performance is good, can be used in the reduction of the environment, mainly in the supply of pipes, and occasionally have to pipe, plate, strip, line supply, and more used to manufacture all kinds of transport pipe, condenser tube, evaporator, heat exchanger, etc.High purity, conductivity, excellent thermal conductivity, more used as an electric vacuum equipment, instruments, equipment,has good wear resistance, electrical contact and corrosion resistance.