copper pipe

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Copper pipe for medical gas

Material: Cu>99.95%. accord to C10100, C10200 and C1100

Advancture: our tube was made from high-conductivity, oxygen-free copper, which is a high purity copper with an electrical conductivity of at least 100% IACS, material alloy number in C10100, C10200 and C11000. Our products have high electrical and thermal conductivity and braze-ability and weld- ability. And also in highly precision of diameter tolerance, producing by advancing processing, max weight per coil up-to 700kgs in continous


Be most commonly used in the industry of magnet, electric motors and generators. And it applied for following products

1. Coils for induction furnaces

2. Coils for induction heaters

3. Magnet coils for proton synchrotrons

4. Coils for welding machines

5. Field coils for generators

6. Stator coils for generators

7. Conductors for rectifiers

8. Magnet coils for plasma research equipments

9. Shielded pipe for vacuum electric equipment