aluminum foil

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Professional Industrial Aluminum Foil


Structure: (conventional two layers of composite-based): AL + PE CPP PET

Thickness: 0- 120 micron

Status: surface smooth

Resistant to high temperature of 121 degrees,steaming and cooking 30 minutes, two sterilization, sealing flat, not hierarchical, no color fading.

Yogurt, lactic acid bacteria drinks, protein milk, peanut milk, walnut milk, fruit drinks and other plastic bottles Sealing.


Used for manufacture decorative materials, such as aluminum veneers, ACP aluminum composite panels, honeycomb panels, aluminum roofing, lighting decoration, household electrical appliances, food package(such as pop can cover and ring-pull),and furniture etc.:

1) Exterior applications: wall cladding, facades, roofs and canopies, tunnels, column covers or renovations;

2) Interior applications: wall cladding, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies;

3) Advertisement and market applications: display platforms, signboards, fascias and shop fronts;

4) Transport and industrial applications