aluminum plate

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Home appliance high density aluminum plate heating element


Electric heating plate is the main heating element of electric pressure cooker. Is a built-in electric heating tube aluminum alloy disc, top of the pot, remove the inner pot can be seen

General electric plate will have a circle of lines. Lines can increase the surface area of the electric plate, thereby increasing the surface of the heat dissipation area, so that electric heat transfer plate more fully, evenly and quickly.
Cleaning and maintenance

After a period of time, the electric pressure cooker, hot plate and the temperature sensor (the center of the heating plate) around the formation of charcoal yellow stains attached, if not removed in time, stains will become increasingly important, and even affect the normal heating electric pressure cooker, resulting in Jiao paste and other issues.
Treatment: stains lighter, you can use a cloth or toothbrush dipped in a little toothpaste, and then wipe with a damp cloth. Serious, you can fine sandpaper (320 or so) gently wipe, wring dry wipe wipe dry debris.
When using an electric pressure cooker, pay attention to the outer side and edge of the inner pot. When there are water drops and debris, you must remove the cleaning plate (top cover), electric disk and temperature sensor.