aluminum plate

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PTC Aluminum Heating Element hot plate heating element

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:
Packing: Plastic bags + Cartons

Delivery Detail:
Shipped in 15 days after payment

Feature :

1.RoHS compliant

2.High heat efficiency

3.Good electric performance

4.Secure invalidation mode

PTC heating elements:

It has a lot of advantage as follow:

1. It can control the temperature by itself.

2. The lifetime is longer.

3. It could give out the heater continous.

4. saving energy

5. The power is stable.

Typical Applications:

1. Heater fan

2. Heating Plates

3. Drying Machines

4. Hair Dryer

5. Foot Warmer

6. Diesel Heater

7. Hot melt glue gun