aluminum plate

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Electric heating element aluminum plate casting heaters

Product Description

Description of Aluminum plate casting heaters

Cast aluminum heater use tubular electric heater element as heating element,with high quality aluminum

material for the shell to moulding an electric heater, which uses temperature is generally between 150 to

300 ℃. It can be widely used in plastics machinery, moulding , device on the cable machinery, chemicals

industry, rubber, oil equipment and so on. With a long life, good insulation properties, high mechanical

properties, corrosion resistance, anti-magnetic and other advantages.Aluminum Cast In Heaters can be

casted into any shape and size needed. Most Cast In heater are made to customer specifications.

Application of Aluminum plate casting heaters

plastics extrusion machinery.
extruder barrel & die heaters
hot runner mould systems
the industry
shoes manufacturer
semiconductor electric welding
die casting
engineering industry
packing equipment
water heating and injection