aluminum plate

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OEM Aluminum plates

Professional customized aluminum pans/plates

a,Aluminum plate can be customized as follows:

1,Customers need to provide aluminum plate sample and cosmetic plastic box and start to produce.

2,Aluminum plate is basically customized,less in stock.If you need samples,please contact our customers’ service department.

3,The amount of aluminum plate order must be more than RMB 5,000 and the mold cost may be returned.

4.,The mold cost is RMB 500/set.

5,Need the price list of aluminum plate,please supply the aluminum plate dimension.

6,The aluminum plate with grinding edge is more expensive than the price of one without grinding edge,need to pay additional RMB 0.04-0.05/piece.

7,There are several thousands of molds in our factory and help you match with them ASAP. 8,The possibility of circle aluminum mold match is big and aluminum plate of other shapes

is hardly matched with due to different length,width,height and R circle.

b,Delivery time

It will take some time to finish production of mold,aluminum plate and cosmetic box.If there are aluminum plate,cosmetic box in stock,and find suitable ones to be delivered to you within 3-5 days after full payment.