aluminum sheet

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2017 factory design grade sublimation aluminum sheet

factory design 5052 grade sublimation aluminum sheet, sublimation metal sheet

Thickness: 1.14mm

Material: Aluminum.

Usage: Suitable for printing portrait, senery, label and so on.

Available color: silver, white

grade: 5052

Normal size: 10X10CM, 10X15CM, 10X20CM, 15X20CM, 20X30CM, 30X40CM, 40X60CM

Sublimation aluminum sheet used to make personalized images,bright colors,and durable!

Licensing authority can also be made into metal,metal business cards,mirror box panels,metal keychain panels,metal photo,a variety of signs,medals,brand merchandising,licensing agents, honorary certificates,plaques,thank cards,wedding photos,baby born cards,graduation photos, company logos, numbers, etc.