aluminum plate

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building facade aluminum plate

We are committed to provide one-stop design and manufacturing services for Customer that’s requiring high level of quality, precision for Sheet Metal Products.

We are customer-driven and we strive for continual improvement so as surpass our Customer’s needs and expectations with high level of quality Sheet Metal Fabrication and customizing solution.

Metal Perforation

Why choose Perforated Panels for your project

Perforated panels provides a lightweight and aesthetic solution, especially for solar shading and cladding purposes, as it allows natural light and air to penetrate. Moreover, interesting patterns and designs can be created hence creating an exterior that is both aesthetic and functional at the same time.

Cost effective solution to breathe new life into old buildings as well as provide a uniform and aesthetic outer structure for exterior facades.

Using perforated panels in indoor places ensures that unwanted sound reflections can be efficiently absorbed and the reverberant noise that interferes with the required audio is reduced. Adequate absorption of unnecessary sounds is essential for providing an optimal acoustical experience in large halls and crowded places like classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, theatres and restaurants.