aluminum plate

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ice cooler box aluminum diamond plate

The main categories for aluminum products of Tianjin Xiangteng Metal Products are as follows:

-------------Aluminum alloy slab, the aluminum alloy Slab quality determines the final products' quality such as aluminum

alloy sheet, aluminum alloy plate, aluminum alloy coils, aluminum alloy rolls, aluminum alloy cold rolled coil, aluminum alloy cold rolled plate, aluminum alloy hot rolled coil, aluminum hot rolled plate. Using the advanced equipme-nt and optimized process to improve the quality of aluminum alloy slab is the foundation of high-performance aluminum alloy products.Tianjin Xiangteng Metal Products Co.,Ltd has wide range cooperation with many world-class companies on material design, melting process,casting process optimization, etc., which comprehensively improves the quality of the aluminum alloy slab and ensures our ability to provide high performance aluminum alloy slab products for different industry customers.