aluminum plate

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aluminum honeycomb plate for floor

Features Anti-Static ceramic aluminum honeycomb plate for floor

ü Excellent Rigidity & High Strength

ü Lightweight & Energy-Saving
ü Fireproof & Waterproof
ü Heat & Sound Insulation
ü Moisture & Corrosion Resistance
ü Easy to Install & Maintenance
ü Super Flatness and Rigidity
ü Environmental-Friendly
ü Good Self-cleaning Ability
ü Good Thermo Stability with Temperatures up to 350°

Ø Interior & exterior wall cladding, curtain wall
Ø Ceiling/roofing & flooring
Ø Partitions (wall partition & toilet partition)
Ø Decoration material for office buildings, shopping mall, hotels, metro/subways station, train/railway station, air terminal
Ø Cleaning room
Ø Furniture board & door
Ø Ventilation & waveguide window
Ø Machine board
Ø Signboard
Ø Bus, Truck, Camper, Ship, Areosapce Industry
Ø Lift and Elevator decoration